Vicar's Letters

During the interegnum the letter will be written by our Lay Minister, Shanti Jayasekera

Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Dear Friends,

At the start of February, we celebrate Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. We remind ourselves at this service, that Christ is the light of the world and He came to bring God‟s light to the world – especially, to shed His light on the places that have become dark in our lives or in in our world today.

Our world is facing a time of uncertainty and many people feel that they are treading into the unknown. Whether or not you voted for Brexit, our country‟s future looks uncertain for all of us. Actually no one knows what leaving the EU will do to the economy or to our way of life. The inauguration of President Donald Trump has filled many with fear as he looks as he will be unlike any other president of the USA. We also see right wing politicians in Europe seeking to take power. Of course, none of us know where this will all lead to, or whether our world is heading for a better or worse future, but it is hard not to feel fearful. We cannot just bury our head in the sand and ignore everything or keeping harking back to the past. Together we need to fix our face towards the future and step into the unknown, putting our hand into the hand of God and let him lead. Along the way, our job is to shine with the light of Christ – as the liturgy of Candlemas reminds us.

Therefore, I encourage you all to pray about these issues by lighting a candle. As you do so, as it flickers in its random way, remember it as representing Christ the light of the world shining in a room, shining in your life. It is a good moment to bring before Christ the issues that concern you – or simply to meditate on Christ‟s presence in your life. For Christ is Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. As the flame flickers, be reminded how God is at work in your life, maybe in unexpected ways – to bring in His Light and His Truth to this dark and unpredictable world.

With every Blessing