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Unfortunately, the church building remains closed, but we, the body of Christ, are very much open and active.   Lent is the time for Christians to self-examine, to fast and to learn. 


Second Sunday of Lent - 28th February


The letter to the Romans has been called, ‘the most important letter written by Paul, and perhaps the most important letter ever written by a Christian.’  John Bowker 1998.

This statement is written because of the content of this amazing book, written only 26 years after the death of Jesus.  The letter becomes the thought and influence of all theology up until the present day and no doubt it will last for ever.

Rome was a power base for the known world and by setting up a strong Christian group there, Paul knew that Christianity would spread rapidly using the infrastructure of the empire.  Paul wanted to lay down the gospel of good news to avoid misconceptions that abounded in those early years of the faith.

Today our reading deals with the ‘Father of all nations,’ Abraham.  Paul tells the people of Rome that Jew and Gentile are on equal footing in the Christian faith.  Paul is reminding all Christians that God promised Abraham he would have a multi-ethnic family, in other words, he is the Father of us all.

Today this plays well into the desire of churches to be open to everybody, to be truly inclusive and never exclude anyone from its worship, its welcome, its family and its leadership.  We are all equal as children of our heavenly Father and Christ suffered, died and rose again for us all.  Jesus told the disciples he would have to suffer, because out of that hardship and death would come new life.  Thanks be to God, that Jesus died for us, that we could all be equal, male and female, black and white, old and young, disabled and able-bodied, gay and straight.  

 "(Women's) World Day of Prayer Friday 5 March There will not be a service in our local area this year; however, a video of the worship service prepared by the women of Vanuatu on the theme "Build on a Strong Foundation" may be viewed on the website (wwdp.org.uk) (under News)"
Our Sunday Mass held at 10.15am and the Mass held on Wednesdays at 5.00pm are live streamed via Facebook.

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Mass for the Second Sunday of Lent held on 28th February, please click here
Mass held on Wednesday 24th February, please click here

A church for all people

Please using the ‘Act of Spiritual Communion’ (Click here to download a copy) along with the relevant readings which can be found on the Services page under Sunday Readings or follow the live recording on our Facebook page.

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Church and Lychgate

Whether you are looking for somewhere to worship, have a baptism or wedding, 
or just want to know more about us, we hope that you will find the information you want.


We seek to be inclusive, and welcoming, to everyone regardless of their experience and human diversity.  We are ordinary people seeking to know God in a deeper way and making His presence known and real in our lives and our local community.


God welcomes us and meets us where we are in life.   That means that all are welcome - whether you believe, or are not sure or just want to find out a bit more about the Christian faith and our church.   



Just come as you are - you are very welcome.            








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