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Further to our PCC meeting held on the 19th January, it has been decided that the church will remain closed until further notice.  Please keep checking here for further updates.
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 The Wedding Feast at Cana- (John 2:1-12) – A Christian Magazine for Young  People

Sunday 24th January - The Third Sunday of Epiphany

A Wedding at Cana

Last week we heard the story of Nathanael and the vision he had that this man in front of him was the Son of God.  He believed, not only because he heard Jesus tell him things about himself, but because of the vision that this man was the Messiah.  You will remember that Jesus told him that he would see greater signs than that.  And today we have the first of these signs recorded in John’s Gospel, the water turned into wine.

It’s one of those famous stories that people all know about, whether they go to church or not.  The idea of water turning into wine appeals to us universally.


At its essence this is God’s love bursting into the present world, as the heavens are opened, and God’s power is seen.  Those in the know, such as the disciples and Mary remember this miracle and their view of Jesus was changed forever.  Nathanael didn’t need lots of signs to give him faith, but most of us mere mortals do.  The disciples saw many miracles in the months to follow and yet they were slow to truly understand what was before them.

What was before them was the life of heaven come down to earth, the love of God standing in human form at a wedding in a neighbouring town, the town that Nathanael came from.  And when Mary notices that the wine is running out, she knows who can help to make everything OK.  She asks out of faith and the banquet receives not only wine, but the very best wine they have ever drunk.  This illustrates that God’s love is more than just human love as we know it.  God’s love is the best love that we can imagine - indeed it is beyond our imagining - it is ‘out of this world!’ 



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