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Eighth Sunday after Trinity - 2nd August 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Epistle reading this Sunday is once again from Paul’s letter to the Romans. In it he laments the situation with the Jews of his own time because God has chosen this people to be his people for the world. In other words that they would lead all the world to the worship of God. He is distraught because they are not easily converted to Christianity. He is upset that they cannot see that the long awaited Messiah has come and been put to death by the Roman authorities. Paul is lamenting that the privileges of having been saved by Moses and taught by the prophets has not led to them recognising Jesus as the Messiah. 

Paul is sad that they didn’t spot the signs. Jesus taught, healed and brought back to life people of his own nation, but they were largely blind to these signs and wonders. Jesus’ words fell on stony ground, to use one of his parables as an illustration. 

Paul feels that something has gone horribly wrong. Don’t forget that Paul has been a devout Jew himself. He had studied at the feet of great Jewish teachers and was himself such a master of the written word and oratory. He feels helpless as he sees the new creation of God’s people flourishing but his own kith and kin are still held back by the past and their short sightedness. What the law could not do, God has done through his Son Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. 

God had fulfilled his ancient promises through Jesus of Nazareth. We are called to continue in worship and praise of the creator God who sent his Son into the world to gather in all people to be one in love and harmony. May we share that love with all whom we meet. Amen.

“Individual prayer within a place of worship is defined as a person or household entering the venue to pray on their own and not as part of a group, led prayer or communal act. They should be socially distanced from other individuals or households.” GOV.UK 

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The church will not be open for Private Prayer until Wednesday 26th August 2pm-4pm,
due to holidays and availability.

If you wish someone to be prayed for then please write a note at home and leave it beneath the crucifix on the radiator ledge, or post through the Parish Office door, to the left of the main doors.  Fr Michael will collect these at the end of each day and add to his prayer list. 

Please continue using the ‘Act of Spiritual Communion’ (Click here to download a copy) along with the relevant readings which can be found on the Services page under Sunday Readings.

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