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Pentecost - 31st May 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
For those of you unable to visit the church gardens at the present time, here are a few shots of the flowers, so that you can enjoy our surroundings at church with all the visitors we currently get. The garden has become even more important to those who live in the parish during this lockdown. It is a place to meet friends and relatives while offering peace and safety. One young boy remarked to me last night, “I know why so many people come in here - it’s so lovely!” This weekend we move from Easter to Pentecost and onwards to the long months of Trinity Sundays. Christ is risen, ascended, and now sends his Holy Spirit at Pentecost on those first frightened disciples gathered in the upper room. The Spirit gives them courage to come out of the house and speak openly about the love of Jesus to all those who would listen. This makes us think about the courage we need to come out of our homes and speak of the love of God. Courage will be needed as we get nearer to a time when society will open up again. There will be fear, we will be wary, but the Spirit is with us from Baptism, and as Jesus promised, 'the Spirit will guide us in living the truth.’ Amen.

Pentecost Praise and Prayer – Sunday 4th June | St Catherine's


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Reflections by Fr Nick, Rev (Wg Cdr) N.L. Cook.  Padre at RAF Northolt
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