Baptism October 2023

Baptism is a very special event and if you are thinking of having your child baptized at St Paul’s, we would be delighted to talk to you.

What is baptism?   Baptism is about becoming members of the Christian church and marks the beginning of our faith journey, a journey of growth and discovery with God that will continue to the end of our life.  

Many people bring their children to be baptized because they want to give thanks to God for the amazing gift of life that He has given them and also because they want their children to grow up in the Christian faith.

At St Paul’s we are committed to supporting you, not only at the baptism service, but afterwards as you and the godparents help your child to understand what it is to live a Christian life in today’s world.

We have a number of services and activities that will help in supporting you.  For example, our monthly Messy Church and our Junior Church.  We also encourage you to join us at our All Age Service which is usually held on the first Sunday of every month at 10.15am.

Adult Baptism   Sometimes adults, who have not been baptized as children, decide to take this step of faith and that is wonderful.   There is no age limit to baptism.  Normally, we would expect an adult to go onto Confirmation – a service in which you profess your faith, ‘confirming’ your baptismal promises and your intention to live a Christian life.

Service of Thanksgiving Sometimes parents want to celebrate the birth of their child and give thanks to God for the precious gift of their child, but do not feel ready to make the commitment of the promises that are made in the baptism service.   You, then, may prefer to have a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child.